4 Types of Anger and Their Destructive Impact

4 Types of Anger and Their Destructive Impact

Most people feel angry from time to time. Many may also find themselves on the receiving end of those who lash out in anger. How we handle anger (be it our own or someone else’s) can make the difference between calmness versus agitation, proactive versus reactive, and equanimity versus suffering.

There are many ways to de-escalate, reduce, or dissolve anger. In this article, we will focus on four categories of anger and their impact on our lives, with references from my books, How to Let Go of Negative Thoughts and Emotions and How to Communicate Effectively and Handle Difficult People.”

(It is important to note that the four types of anger identified below are largely psychologically based. Chronic, persistent anger may also be the result of a brain injury, chemical imbalance, substance abusePTSD, etc.)

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