50 foods you should never eat in summer

50 foods you should never eat in summer

Summertime is marked by lazy days, fun in the sun…and food. Just like you can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey, it’s not really summer until you’ve had a freshly grilled burger or drippy ice cream cone.

Not every warm-weather staple is worth chowing down on though. While it’s fine to treat yourself once in a while, there are some summer foods that you might be better off avoiding—both for the sake of your waistline and your health. Here, 50 picks to steer clear of (at least, most of the time).

Corn dogs

What’s less healthy than a big, fatty sausage? One that’s battered and deep-fried—which is precisely what a corn dog is, says Dallas-Fort Worth-based registered dietitian Amy Goodson. A typical dog has around 250 calories, 11 grams of fat, and almost 600 milligrams of sodium. And since the ones at carnivals and fairs tend to be oversized, they’ll likely do even more nutritional damage, Goodson adds.

Funnel cake

It’s got all the unhealthy ingredients you’ll find in other cakes—but with even more fat. “When fried, the batter soaks up tons of oil,” Goodson says. As a result, the typical dinner plate-sized portion delivers a whopping 760 calories and 40 grams of fat.


Even with a sprinkle of lettuce and tomato, tortilla chips smothered in cheese, ground beef, and sour cream do not a healthy snack make. In fact, a basket of nachos can have upwards of 750 calories, 38 grams of fat, and around 1,300 milligrams of sodium.


Out of all the novelty ice cream options out there, this one might be the worst. That’s because it’s really three desserts in one: two giant chocolate chip cookies plus a big scoop of ice cream. Delicious? Yup! Good for you? Not in the least.

Onion rings

Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re a better choice than French fries. Onion rings are heavily breaded in a coating of white flour, and all that batter sops up tons of oil in the deep fryer. The result is a side dish with as many as 481 calories and 30 grams of fat—more than a large chocolate-frosted donut.

Potato salad

It might have the word “salad” in the name, but that doesn’t make it good for you. Thanks to all that gloppy mayo, you’ll get 358 calories and more than 20 grams of fat from just one cup of this starchy side.

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